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更新日誌 Release notes

v2024.14 - 2024.5.27


Updated bus route data.

v2024.13 - 2024.5.9


Improved the keyboard for route search. Added an additional row of numeric keys on top, while keeping the bottom row fixed as letter keys, making it easier to input bus route numbers.

v2024.12 - 2024.5.6

v2024.11 - 2024.4.30

v2024.10 - 2024.3.22

v2024.9 - 2024.3.18

v2024.8 - 2024.3.15

v2024.7 - 2024.3.12

v2024.6 - 2024.3.5

v2024.5 - 2024.2.28

v2024.4 - 2024.2.19

v2024.3 - 2024.2.10

v2024.2 - 2024.2.5

v2024.1 - 2024.1.22


舉例,如果你的Siri是粵語,你可以跟Siri說「同朕check下到站時間」,或「check到站時間」,或「check巴士」。中文也可以說:「查詢到站時間」或「查詢巴士」。英語:「check bus times」。(更新之後什麼也不用做就有以上功能)


  1. 追蹤到站時間,在鎖屏和動態島持續顯示。
  2. 一次性查詢到站時間,也可以叫Siri回答。
  3. 一次顯示多個站的到站時間。





Happy New Year, everyone! This update brings Shortcuts feature and Siri support!

There are three shortcuts:

  1. Track bus arrival times, displayed continuously on the Lock Screen and Dynamic Island.
  2. Check bus arrival times, which can also be answered by Siri.
  3. Display arrival times for multiple stops at once.

You can add them in the Shortcuts app or ask Siri to perform. All of these can be executed without opening the app. The Shortcuts app also includes an automation feature where you can set certain conditions to trigger specific shortcuts. We look forward to seeing what creative uses you come up with.

The app also includes several pre-set shortcuts that you don't have to do anything to have. For example, you can say to Siri, "Track bus times" and it will prompt you to select your favorite stops. Then you can see the arrival times on the Lock Screen and Dynamic Island. (The pre-set shortcuts require the app name to be included. You can replace "This Is The Place" with "Bus times" or "Bus" or "The Place", which are alternative names for this app.)

These features are available exclusively for subscription users. Thank you for your support.

This update also includes updated bus route data.

v2023.39 - 2023.12.27



Add medium and large sized widgets that can display arrival times for multiple bus routes at once.


v2023.38 - 2023.12.18

v2023.37 - 2023.12.17


▶ 環視四周(街景模式)


▶ 支持點擊地圖興趣點 (POI)


▶ 其它更新


In this version, This Is The Place has evolved into a true map app.

LOOK AROUND (Street View Mode)

Before embarking on your journey, take a virtual tour of the surroundings of a bus stop or a specific location.


The app feels more intuitive than ever. Now, all the markers you see on the map, such as restaurants, shops, parks, and schools, are tappable! By tapping to select a marker, you can view a place card and perform various actions related to that place, such as seamlessly accessing different platforms to check reviews, get directions, save places, and take notes.


Unrestricted to a single platform, This Is The Place is your tool to explore the world.

v2023.36 - 2023.11.28

- 新增外部搜尋功能:快速跳轉到Google Maps、OpenRice、大衆點評、Tripadvisor、Yelp、Foursquare、高德地圖、小紅書、臺灣的愛食記等各大平臺看其它用户的評價。(有些需要你本身有安裝相應的app)
- 地址等各種資訊可以長按複製。
- 更進一步實現了功能目標:成爲一個旅行app,旅行之前做攻略,做筆記。在本地集中你對所有地方的筆記,無需聯網,快速訪問,而非分散到各個平臺。

- 增強的路線查找功能,會自動增加步行距離的限制直至找到路線爲止,用户可更改此選項。
- 快速選擇一個適合的地圖app一鍵導航,包括Apple Maps, Google Maps和高德地圖。
- 修復查找路線的時候不包含港鐵巴士的問題。

- 左上角導航菜單:增加快速切換四種地圖類型。
- 增加快速訪問按鈕:一鍵切換回上次打開的地點模式。
- 按右上角的天氣資訊打開當前天氣頁面,看更詳細的天氣預報。



My Places
- Added external search: Quickly jump to platforms such as Google Maps, OpenRice, Dianping, Tripadvisor, Yelp, Foursquare, Gaode Maps, Xiaohongshu, and Taiwan's ifoodie to read ratings and reviews from other users. (Some platforms require the corresponding app to be installed.)
- Various information such as addresses can be copied by long-pressing.
- Further achieved the goal of becoming a travel app, allowing users to plan and take notes before traveling. Centralize your notes for all places locally, without the need for an internet connection, for quick access instead of being scattered across different platforms.

- Enhanced route search feature that automatically increases the walking distance limit until a route is found. Users can customize this option.
- Quick selection of a suitable map app for one-tap navigation, including Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Gaode Maps.
- Fixed the issue of not including MTR Bus routes when searching for directions.

Top Bar
- Navigation menu in the top left corner: Added quick switching between four map types.
- Added quick access button: Instantly resume your last viewed place mode with a single tap.
- Tap the weather information in the top right corner to open the detailed weather forecast page.

Updated bus route data.

More details have been redesigned and refined. Comprehensive enhancement.

v2023.35 - 2023.11.13

v2023.34 - 2023.11.10

v2023.33 - 2023.11.8

v2023.32 - 2023.10.28

v2023.31 - 2023.10.25

v2023.30 - 2023.10.21

v2023.29 - 2023.10.19

v2023.28 - 2023.10.18

v2023.27 - 2023.10.15

v2023.26 - 2023.9.25


從上個版本開始Widget已經支持iOS 17的「待機模式 (StandBy)」,當你的手機正在充電並且橫屏的時候,屏幕會進入待機模式,在這個介面中可以添加巴士到站時間的Widget。即時動態也支持在待機模式顯示。

The above Live Activities are automatically created when you set a reminder, with no additional steps required.

Starting from the last version, the widget now supports iOS 17's StandBy mode. When your phone is charging and in landscape mode, the screen will enter StandBy mode. In this interface, you can add a widget for bus arrival times. Live Activities also supports display in StandBy mode.

v2023.25 - 2023.9.14

v2023.24 - 2023.9.4

v2023.23 - 2023.8.31

v2023.22 - 2023.8.19

v2023.21 - 2023.8.14

v2023.20 - 2023.8.9

v2023.19 - 2023.8.3


Fix issues that the vast majority of people won't encounter.

v2023.18 - 2023.7.31



Weather function update:

And other bug fixes.

v2023.17 - 2023.7.28



Please tap the button in the top left corner to open the following new features:

In addition,

v2023.16 - 2023.7.1

v2023.15 - 2023.6.28

v2023.14 - 2023.6.27

v2023.13 - 2023.5.26

v2023.12 - 2023.5.11

v2023.11 - 2023.5.10

v2023.10 - 2023.5.4

v2023.9 - 2023.4.29


Perfect the user experience for weather and cinema modes.

v2023.8 - 2023.4.28

v2023.7 - 2023.4.20


可以長按Home Screen的app icon,選擇「巴士」或「天氣」直接跳到相應頁面。



"This is the Place" has integrated "Four Seasons" and now has access to its global weather function. You can now view saved or searched cities on a 3D globe and flip it to select a city and view its weather forecast.

You can touch and hold the app icon on the Home Screen and select "Bus" or "Weather" to directly access the corresponding page.

Updated bus route data.

Bug fixes.

v2023.6 - 2023.4.4

v2023.5 - 2023.3.22

v2023.4 - 2023.2.28

v2023.3 - 2023.2.9

v2023.2 - 2023.2.2

v2023.1 - 2023.1.9

v2022.20 - 2022.12.20

v2022.19 - 2022.12.1

v2022.18 - 2022.11.11

v2022.17 - 2022.10.29

v2022.16 - 2022.10.18

v2022.15 - 2022.10.17

v2022.14 - 2022.9.27

v2022.13 - 2022.9.21

v2022.12 - 2022.9.13

v2022.11 - 2022.9.9

v2022.10 - 2022.9.5

v2022.9 - 2022.8.29

v2022.8 - 2022.8.22

v2022.7 - 2022.8.15

v2022.6 - 2022.8.10

v2022.5 - 2022.8.8

v2022.4 - 2022.8.1

v2022.3 - 2022.7.29

v2022.2 - 2022.7.28

v2022.1 - 2022.7.25

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First day on the App Store.